History of wooden packaging boxes

- Jul 03, 2019-

The wooden box packaging is slowly transforming into an environmentally friendly and practical packaging box. The wooden box is also an old traditional and modern fashion topic. Traditional culture is the cultural achievement that human beings have accumulated in production and life in the long historical period. It is also the crystallization of the existing human wisdom. It is the inheritance and development of predecessors' knowledge and skills. basis. China is now a very large market in exporting this business. Nowadays it is very popular in major domestic industries. After continuous development, even wooden boxes have been exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Korea, North America and the Middle East. South America, and won the praise of overseas! Of course, after being recognized for the first time, we should constantly improve and expand the conditions of the wood itself. The wooden box is a container genus and is divided into square, triangle, diamond, and round shapes. The variety has a heaven and earth cover, a flip cover, a pumping plate and the like. The process includes: traditional buckle, right angle stitching, 45 degree angle stitching, silver inlay, boxwood inlay stitching, copper inlay, relief, jade inlay. Modern crafts have laser engraving, mechanical engraving, etc., and the wooden box materials are mahogany, red sandalwood, rosewood, oak, cherry, walnut, eucalyptus, pine, etc. are the first materials used to make wooden boxes. The surface treatment includes chemical paint, lacquer, water-based paint process, etc. The environmentally-friendly wooden packaging box is carefully polished and polished to be purer and more natural!

      Because of its simple and heavy texture, wooden box packaging is often applied to the outer packaging of various high-end consumer goods, such as gift boxes for health care products, wine gift boxes, and boxed foods. Wooden boxes tend to be fine workmanship, materials are exquisite, and have a beautiful appearance and shape. Therefore, the ornamental and commercial nature of wooden box packaging is much more prominent than that of general material packaging. At the same time, in order to protect internal goods from collision In the wooden box packaging, paper, sponge, foam, flannel, etc. are often added as the inner lining of the packaging box. It should also be a careful mix of materials and workmanship, and also make the price of wooden box packaging higher than the average box, but it is also high-grade and holy. Seeing that due to the slightly higher price of the original wooden box, in order to reduce the cost price, there is now a kind of plywood and medium density fiberboard as a substitute for the wood board material, which is processed and shaped to reduce the cost and is no less than the quality of the original wood product. .