How to buy solid wood shelves?

- Jul 04, 2019-

1. The rack made of space aluminum is mainly extruded and stretched. It can be set according to different functions, with chopsticks tube, knife holder, towel rack, roll holder, etc., and its production process involves oxidation, injection molding, machining, Stamping, polishing and other processes; because of the anti-corrosion ability, it can resist oxidation and the service life becomes longer.

2. Stainless steel and carbon steel kitchen racks and wall racks are mainly welded, we can make various shapes of racks according to demand. The production method is also relatively simple, but the quality is completely dependent on the personal craftsmanship of the production workers. However, it is easily attacked by water vapor and is easily oxidized. It needs to be preserved.

3. Wooden racks are generally processed solid wood boards, only solid wood boards can have enough capacity to load. The production method is also relatively simple, the solid wood rack is environmentally friendly and very beautiful. However, it is necessary to pay attention to waterproof. It is generally suitable for being placed on the wall of the living room, bedroom and study, and it is very beautiful with the environment.