How to distinguish between solid wood packaging box and leather (paper) wooden box

- Jun 25, 2019-

The name of the solid wood packaging box should be a wooden box made of solid wood, but now the wooden box market often has a box with solid wood veneer or even a sticker, to pretend to be a solid wood packaging wooden box, how to distinguish the solid wood packaging wood Boxes, veneered wooden boxes and stickers wooden boxes?

      The solid wood packaging box is obviously made of natural wood, because the material is log, so the wood grain and wood ray on it can be clearly seen. And there are some more or less natural flaws (such as wood knots, wood spots, burrs, small natural cracks, etc.), and if it is a solid wood packaging wooden box, look at the interface of the wood grain can be seen vertical and horizontal The natural connection of the section. In addition to watching, you can also smell the smell, the skin or sticker box is more glued, not like a solid wood wine box, there is a natural fragrance of wood.

       The box with solid wood skin is because the outer layer of the skin is solid wood, so the wood grain and wood ray can be clearly seen, but at the interface of the wooden box, there is usually no natural turning, because it is generally posted on both sides. One, so the wood grain at the interface is usually not connected. Moreover, if you smell it carefully, you will smell the pungent glue. Especially when making poor boxes, this taste is even worse.

       Sticker wooden boxes, especially wooden boxes that use imported high-grade paper, even the wood enamel is done perfectly, but even so, it is not without flaws, because the wood grain paper is very thin, even less than 0.1mm, so At the interface, it is usually wrapped directly, so the wood grain at the interface of the sticker wooden box is usually connected.