How to judge the authenticity of the solid wood shelf material?

- Jun 07, 2019-

1. Determine by observing its texture. The texture of solid wood panels is a natural, unconventional texture that is rarely perfect. Its texture is based on the environment in which the naturally growing wood is located, and this change can be reflected in the appearance of the wood, so the solid wood shelf panels will have natural chromatic aberrations and textures.

2. Look at the relative position of the solid wood furniture and the back. If the texture and the knot can correspond well, it is pure solid wood.

3. You can cut the sheet to see its internal structure. Artificial plates can be very intuitive to see how different materials are squeezed together, the texture color will be extremely abrupt, and the solid wood material will have a difference in color difference texture, but the transition of various differences is still very soft and there is no violation. And feeling.