Matching skills of solid wood racks

- Jun 12, 2019-

1. In the home decoration design, the use of the shelf is more and more popular, and a variety of shelves can be used as a storage tool for kitchen dishes, a CD holder for the living room, a bookcase for the bed of the bedroom, a shelf, Practical tools such as museum racks can also be a beautiful ornament. If used properly, the shelf can instantly add color to the home.

2. The living room and the kitchen can be selected according to the decoration style. For example, in the rustic style, the wooden board can be used with the wrought iron shape bracket to create an atmosphere. The modern style can be used with glossy paint, and the bracket is best hidden. Orderly and modern.

3. The different treatment methods of the surface can also reflect the different effects of the rack. The lacquered shelves have three different surface treatment methods, which completely cover the wood texture, and can choose the color of the paint at will; the oily shelf can completely reveal the wood texture, reflecting the texture of the wood; between the oil and the oil The semi-open lacquer effect can show special shabby effects.