The craftsmanship and characteristics of the wine packaging box

- Jun 17, 2019-

The image of the wine packaging design must ultimately be combined with the design structure. If the structure is made, the image printing restrictions can be known in advance, the self-adhesive label, and the vacuum aluminum composite bag. According to the requirements, the wine packaging box can be printed with LOGL effect: three-dimensional, change, this product is the representative of fashion and high-tech, is a world of ordinary flat-printing products, is a vivid dynamic image, these features can improve the wooden The added value of the wine box.

It has become an excellent means for customers to promote their products and improve their market image, and a novel media to play an eye-catching role. The multi-picture screen gradient effect or the magic display, giving people a dreamlike dynamic feeling, the advertising effect is peculiar, the viewing effect is very strong.

Because the bottle is made of glass, ceramics, earthenware and other materials. Although it can play a role in the quality of the wine, but it is easy to break, so the wooden wine box must have a good support for the bottle. Commonly used support materials are cardboard, gray cardboard, MDF and so on.

In addition to the main supporting materials, high-end wine packaging boxes usually use high-grade facial paper with special effects, silk fabrics and so on. When selecting the structure, it should be noted that it must meet the transportation requirements, make the structure firm, and have the product display function.