What are the advantages of solid wood racks?

- Jun 04, 2019-

The solid wood shelf is made of solid wood. It is natural and environmentally friendly. The bearing capacity is also super strong. It is designed according to the wall surface. It can be used for books, magazines, small potted plants, or some small objects, adding a modern sense. Hanging on the wall, it can effectively organize the space and bring a strong artistic atmosphere.

Natural wood color is like a cool and elegant beauty, with a unique temperament. The mirror cabinet racks are convenient to collect and do not need to be opened and closed multiple times. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets leave space for the bottom, multi-layer solid wood paint-free board, environmental protection and pollution-free, home Xiaobao can also be used with confidence.

The healthy use of sanitary products is closely related to the lives of consumers. Therefore, the environmental protection of products has attracted special attention from Kabe Sanitary Ware. Kabe bathroom cabinet products use natural wood as the main raw material, with beech wood as the main substrate, green and environmental protection. It has excellent moisture resistance and can easily adapt to the wet bathroom environment.

Solid wood material is a high-density sheet design. Generally, the base of solid wood furniture is made of oak, which makes the solid wood rack look more delicate. The high-quality solid wood racks are made by hand in the details. Mode, there are almost no large angular corners, so that the elderly and children can be more comprehensive when using.