What are the advantages of tea packaging?

- Jun 15, 2019-

The tea packaging box required for tea ceremony is not only for packaging tea, but also for many tea sets and tea sets. The high-grade tea packaging box is designed as a gift box for tea ceremony. After you take it out, the gift box can be used as a tea tray for bubble tea - simple and convenient.

As a long-used tea packaging product, the tea packaging box still has a strong vitality in the influx of new materials into the tea packaging market, and it is affected by the progress of the current coloring process and the mechanization of processing. In the tea packaging market, there is a new situation of innovation. Why do tea packaging boxes have such a strong vitality? What are the advantages of its use and processing?

First: Tea packaging box is a tea packaging product processed from wood as the main raw material. As a daily brewing beverage, tea itself has high requirements for storage utensils. Its storage utensils must be made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, so as to ensure the purity of the tea leaves and maintain the original taste of the tea leaves during tea storage. And the fragrance is very important.

Second: Tea packaging box wooden tea packaging wooden raw materials are processed through drying, drying, the wood itself is relatively dense, water is less invasive, and it has good air Isolated effect.

Third: The wood is relatively strong, and it has good wear resistance. It is not easy to be damaged during long-term storage and transportation, and there is no possibility that the paper tea packaging will be degummed due to the long time. Since the tea packaging box adopts the lacquer coloring process, its overall surface is smooth and bright, and its color is not eroded by rainwater, and can be preserved for a long time, which is very important for tea packaging products.

Because wood products are fully in line with the packaging of tea, the positioning of wood products in the tea packaging market is biased towards the middle and high end. In addition, the overall packaging grade is higher, which is in line with the overall trend of high-end packaging of tea packaging. However, in terms of conceptualization, it is consistent with the long-standing thoughts of Buddhism and Taoism in China, and it is not intended to be heard, but it is intended to be used by the world.

Therefore, in the market, it has definitely affected its sales and popularity in the traditional tea packaging market.