What are the advantages of wooden wine boxes over paper wine boxes?

- Jul 01, 2019-

Usually people think that wood packaging is not environmentally friendly, custom wooden boxes are slow, wooden boxes have long production cycles, wooden boxes are not easy to pack, and it is not convenient to transport, etc., but it is not. Let's take a look at the advantages of wooden box packaging:

       1. The wooden wine box and the paper wine box are made from plants. The so-called environmental protection can be recovered and reused. The paper wine box and the wooden wine box are all capable, and the wooden wine box can be recycled. The discarded wooden wine box can also be used to make wood pulp into cartons, etc. Our company mainly deals with box plates, etc., and the wooden wine boxes are used more and more. Customized paper wine boxes are required for molds. Depicting and manufacturing molds is a matter of time and money. Wooden boxes can only be scaled. In the case of small quantities, wooden box packaging is a good choice.

       2, wooden wine boxes are more convenient for the packaging of large-scale heavy machinery, wooden wine boxes are more consolidated than paper wine boxes, and the usual paper wine box factory can not make too much cardboard boxes, wooden boxes can very well maintain your wine Packing is just a matter of artificial stitching. Wooden boxes are a good choice. The wooden box is also convenient during the loading and unloading process. The forklift arm of the standard forklift is left at the bottom of the wooden box. It is more advantageous for the forklift to do the work. The wooden paper box can not be used to consolidate the paper wine box. It is more able to maintain your wine. The wooden wine box can be printed with any pictorial text.