What details should you pay attention to when cleaning solid wood racks?

- Jun 08, 2019-

1. For the rack, we should regularly wipe the soft cloth with a small amount of water to ensure the luster of the rack. When cleaning the rack, it is strictly forbidden to use the detergent containing acidic ingredients, so as not to cause certain damage to the surface of the rack. Damage.

2. When cleaning the rack, the use of detergents such as detergent should be minimized. In the long-term, the gloss of the surface of the rack will gradually degrade and affect the appearance. We should use a neutral detergent to clean the rack.

3. For dust and dirt that is difficult to remove, we should wipe off a small amount of water immediately after using the neutral detergent and wipe off the excess water stains with a dry rag in time without any residue.