Wooden box packaging is generally more practical and practical.

- Jun 10, 2019-

The wooden box packaging raw materials are pure solid wood and imitation wood (MDF board wood grain paper / solid wood veneer / technology veneer), and the use of pure solid wood for wooden box packaging is only a part, because the cost of pure solid wood production is relatively higher. The construction period will be longer, and the overall control of the wooden box packaging is also difficult. Therefore, there is also the choice of imitation solid wood materials. The wooden box packaging made of imitation wood is actually not much worse than the grade of pure solid wood. From an economical and practical point of view. In view of the fact, the use of imitation wood for wooden box packaging has many advantages.

For example:

1. The cost is more affordable than pure solid wood.

2. The overall detail of the wooden box packaging process is better than the control of pure solid wood.

3. The wooden box packaging made of imitation solid wood material will not be deformed even if it is in a very cold area, and the wooden box packaging size of pure solid wood material is slightly 30nm, and there will be some problems of deformation or cracking, because pure solid wood Even if the material is completely dried, it will have a little water in it. When the water reaches a very cold area, it will be absorbed by the air, and it will dry and crack. Therefore, before choosing the wooden box packaging, it is necessary to consider the above points, whether the size is relatively large, the wooden box packaging will go to those areas, etc.