Wooden boxes are widely used in a wide range of products.

- Jun 12, 2019-

Wooden packaging has always been popular among people. The reason is that the wooden box is finely crafted, has a beautiful appearance and shape, and the sales of the product are both good and bad. The packaging itself is usually very ornamental and commercial.

The quaint and heavy texture of the box is often used in the outer packaging of all kinds of high-end consumer goods. In order to protect the internal products from collision, the packaging wooden box is often accompanied by paper and foam lining, which also makes the price of wooden packaging higher than other packaging forms.

Instead of using logs to make wooden boxes, wooden box manufacturers are now replacing them with medium density fiberboard. In addition to saving the cost of its own, it is not as good as the quality of the log products, and in addition to being used as a packaging box, the wooden box is also used as a practical handicraft such as a wine box.