Analysis Of Several Raw Materials Commonly Used In The Production Of Wooden Box Packaging

- Jun 09, 2019-

1: Russian Pinus sylvestris

The most commonly used Russian solid wood box for making solid wood boxes, Pinus sylvestris has many advantages, and is most suitable for making solid wood packaging boxes. The advantages and disadvantages of Pinus sylvestris are clear and natural. The heartwood of Pinus sylvestris is light reddish brown, the sapwood is light yellowish brown, the material is fine, the texture is straight, the forest grows fast, the material is good, the adaptability is strong, because its texture is suitable for root carving. The root carving coffee table made by Pinus sylvestris is very natural and beautiful. The surface is very smooth. High transparency, strong adhesion, revealing the original natural texture of pine, healthy color, and resistant to water and yellowing.

2: Paulownia

Paulownia is also one of the commonly used raw materials for making wooden boxes. The dried paulownia wood is light and breathable, mainly used for tea wooden boxes.


3: Plywood

Generally, the bottom of the wooden box is made of plywood because the cost of the plywood is low, and the bottom is made of plywood for better moisture resistance.