How To Choose Anti-corrosion Wood When Processing Wooden Box

- Jun 22, 2019-

How to choose anti-corrosion wood when processing wooden box packaging, the first is to investigate my needs and to clear my own requirements. Want to understand what to do? Such as furniture, floors, walkways, fences, wooden bridges, house construction, in particular, should pay attention to whether it can be in contact with food, feed, whether it can be in contact with the skin, special attention should be paid to children. Used in indoor furniture, decoration, as much as possible without anti-corrosion wood, especially CCA anti-corrosion wood. Such as tea boxes, horse troughs, pet pots, etc. Bee hives can not use CCA anti-corrosion wood, but can use copper anti-corrosion wood, which is CA anti-corrosion wood.

Secondly, if the use is determined in the future, it can be based on the natural durability of the wood to determine whether the popular wood can meet the requirements. The term "popular wood" as used herein refers to wood that has not been treated with preservatives. The key point is to check the wood species that meet the requirements of the requirements? How long is the service life of these species? How much is the price? Wood is used outdoors or in sights, such as outdoor seesaws, trails, fences, etc. If you choose natural long-leaf wood with good natural durability and 25 years of life, it will not be used without anti-corrosion treatment. But the price is very expensive and the number is extremely limited. Therefore, the use of wood preservatives is a more imaginative choice.