The Bright Color Of The Wooden Box Increases Consumer Attention

- Jun 15, 2019-

According to scientific research, the bright chocolate box packaging design will make you feel that the food inside is healthier, but you will think it is more difficult to eat. As we all know, whether the packaging design of food directly affects consumers' desire to purchase, Sen Ding crafts found that color plays the role of double-edged sword here. When customers are hesitant about different flavors of food, the light-colored packaging design is generally not very good for consumers, especially for those who lack health awareness. The Sentence process found that the color of the package design can influence the customer's purchasing decision in both health and taste. These effects depend to a large extent on whether the customer actually tastes the food and their own health awareness.

The use of chocolate box packaging design color must reflect the characteristics of food, show the characteristics of food, but also take care of the psychological needs and habits of consumers. Through the reasonable use of color and the relationship between colors, it is easy to express the taste of food, such as the use of hard-edged graphics, broken-line patterns and cool colors to express the crispy food.

Human ability is limited, so we can't judge whether food is healthy through taste. Even if people have tasted this kind of food, the color of the package still guides people in determining the health of the food. According to the designer of Sentin, when you can't taste the food, people tend to believe that it is hard to eat. Although the light chocolate box packaging can make customers feel that the food is healthy, it will make them feel that the game is not right in the subconscious. Conversely, dark chocolate box packaging allows people to temporarily break away from the assumption that food is unpalatable. So when it comes to selling healthy foods to people who are not health conscious, light-colored packaging can create barriers to purchase. Dark packaging is a way to counteract people's concerns about taste.