The Role Of Color In Wooden Watch Box Packaging

- Jul 01, 2019-

1. The priority perception of color. Whether it is cognitive physiology, or the process of modern wooden watch box packaging design and color, it shows that when the visual nerve observes the object, the color reflection is in the first place, then the shape and texture, details and other elements. Therefore, the color presented to the audience often has a visual impact of “first-in-coming”, which gives the audience a visual first impression, far from other factors. The impact of color on the audience is quick, lasting, and profound.

2. Wooden watch box, wooden watch box custom, wooden watch box manufacturer - Sen Ding craft (2) color to brand shaping. With the in-depth development of the modern market economy, all enterprises have all made the wooden watch box packaging design as an important weapon to enhance competitiveness and defeat the opponent. Further, based on the role of color in the design of wooden watch box packaging, color is the primary role of color language, and color is increasingly integrated into the system of modern wooden watch box packaging design, which is valued by more and more enterprises. The use and development, the color design and the company's brand integration, to cater to the consumer's consumer demand, Manchu consumers' preference for the brand, so that the company stands out among the many peer competition and win the recognition of consumers.

3. The attribute of the color attribute indicates the role. The essential attribute of a commodity lies in the unity of the actual value and the use value. In the process of modern market economy development, with the continuous development of productivity, the market is becoming more and more perfect, and the types and colors of products can be described as dazzling. To a certain extent, consumers are faced with the “choice barrier” of choosing which products to choose. In general, in the design of wooden watch box packaging, the main color of the product will directly affect the customer's attention, affecting the audience's visual experience, thus affecting the follow-up color emotion association activities and value evaluation, the final relationship The consumer motivation and consumer behavior to the consumer. The rich colors convey a variety of different tastes, showing different quality styles and decorative charms. The color of the wooden watch box packaging should reflect its own brand characteristics, and at the same time, according to the actual needs of different consumer groups, the functional attributes of the goods are conveyed by color. .