The Wooden Handicraft Processing Factory Tells You How To Dry The Wood.

- Jun 21, 2019-

1. Artificial drying: The wood is sealed in a steam drying chamber, and steam is used to promote evaporation of water to make the wood dry. (According to the size and thickness of the wood, such as 4cm plate drying time usually takes one week), the maximum degree of drying can make the wood moisture content only 3%. However, after the high temperature evaporation, the wood becomes brittle and loses toughness and is easily damaged, which is not conducive to engraving. Generally speaking, the degree of drying of logs should be kept at about 30% of water content.

2. Natural drying: the wood is placed in a ventilated place (plate, square or log), placed in a raft, the bottom of the raft is about 60cm from the ground, leaving a gap in the middle, so that the air circulates, take away the moisture, and the wood gradually dry. Natural drying usually takes several years or months to achieve certain drying requirements. Wooden crafts factory

3. Simple artificial drying: First, use the fire to dry the internal moisture of the wood. The second is to boil the resin component of the wood, and then dry or dry in the air. The drying time of these two methods may be shortened, but the wood after infiltration is prone to discoloration and damages wood.