What Are The Benefits Of Packaging In Wooden Boxes?

- Jun 20, 2019-

First of all, let's take a look at the material of the wooden box packaging. The material of the wooden box is many: mahogany, red sandalwood, rosewood, oak, cherry, walnut, eucalyptus, pine, etc. are the first materials to make wooden boxes. The surface treatment includes chemical paint, lacquer, water-based paint process, etc. The environmentally-friendly wooden packaging box is carefully polished and polished to be purer and more natural! Some types of wood are very hard and long lasting, and some are flexible to bend. "Hardwood" is one of the types of wood that is commonly lost from trees and lost in winter. Other types of wood "cork" are from evergreen trees such as fir, pine and mahogany. All the woods fell to a very soft and very hard working range. The wooden box is a kind of packaging container commonly used in the circulation field, and its dosage is second only to the corrugated box. The wooden boxes mainly include three kinds of wooden boxes, frame boxes and frame boxes. Because of its simple and heavy texture, wooden box packaging is often used in the packaging of various high-end consumer goods, such as food gift boxes, wine gift boxes, health products, and valuable goods. The frame wooden box is a skeleton of a box made of a certain section of wood, and may be covered with a wooden board outside the skeleton as needed. There are two types of frame boxes of this type, such as open frame boxes without wood cover and covered frame boxes covered with wood. Because of its strong skeleton structure, the frame box has good shock and torsion resistance, large pressure resistance, and large load capacity. In order to protect the internal goods from collision, the packaging wooden box is often accompanied by paper, sponge and foam lining. Due to the selection of materials, workmanship and accessories, the price of wooden box packaging is higher than other packaging forms. Due to the high price of logs, in order to save costs, MDF (density fiberboard) is used as a substitute, which saves the cost and achieves the same quality as the log products. All types of wood have a unique grain structure like white and red woods oak, white wax, walnut surface with open holes and small holes that provide a unique texture quality like a wood cabinet or a few pieces of furniture on a wooden table. When this wood surface is dyed, the color tends to collect about the "open pores" and seems darker than the whole piece. There are woods like maple, eucalyptus, etc., and the tension of the cherry trees. These woods have a smooth texture and can be finished evenly. In addition to cereals, many of the wood is characterized by unique characters on its surface, such as quilting, bursie, fiddleback or splatters. These naturally occurring features can make extra furniture generally beautiful. Wooden box packaging often has fine workmanship, sophisticated materials, and a beautiful appearance and shape. Therefore, wooden box packaging itself is usually highly ornamental and commercial.