What Is The Difference Between Lacquering And Unpainting In Wooden Box Packaging?

- Jun 12, 2019-

The aroma of wood emanates with time and climate, especially the rare woods of lobular rosewood and huanghuali (the camphor wood is also one of its own scented woods), and the aroma of wood is very good for the human body. Benefits, with a certain health care function.

At present, the wooden box packaging produced by each wooden box factory is basically painted, and the wooden box packaging is selected for painting and is mainly for an aesthetic problem. After the wooden box packaging is painted, the whole wooden box looks very full and lustrous, in line with the current public's aesthetic vision. In addition, the wooden box packaging paints a protective effect on the wooden box itself. In the south, due to the humid climate, in order to prevent moisture, the surface of many wooden boxes is basically sprayed with a thin layer of varnish.

The wooden box is coated with paint on both inside and outside, which protects the inside and outside of the wooden box.