Wood Packaging Needs Fumigation

- Jun 25, 2019-

Wood packaging fumigation is a technical measure to kill pests, germs or other harmful organisms in a closed place with compounds such as fumigants. For export goods that usually contain wood packaging, it is necessary to stop the disposal of the wood packaging before shipment.

First, the purpose and significance of wood packaging fumigation

In international trade, countries maintain a system of forced quarantine on certain imported goods in order to safeguard their own resources. Wood packaging fumigation is a kind of coercive measures taken to avoid harmful pests and diseases and endanger forest resources in importing countries. Therefore, for export goods containing wood packaging, it is necessary to stop the disposal of wood packaging before shipment, and fumigation is a way of disposal.

Second, the demand for fumigation of wood packaging varieties

Ordinary access to materials used for packaging, laying, supporting, and reinforcing goods. Such as wooden boxes, wooden crates, wooden pallets, mat wood, wooden barrels, wooden mats, sleepers, wood linings, wooden shafts, rafts, logs, etc. must be fumigation.

Third, wood packaging fumigation method

The wood packaging fumigation method has two methods of using drugs and heat treatment, and the drugs are: methyl bromide and ethylene oxide. The following are the common ways to use drug fumigation:

1. Divide the stack of goods to be fumigated, cover it with a cloth, compact it on all sides, and seal it, but leave a corner for the medicine.

2. under the cloth, put a basin of water next to the goods, put the medicine into the water;

3. Compact the reserved dosing port so that the goods that are fumigation demand are in a completely sealed state for 24 hours;

4. Open the crepe ventilation, to move the cargo after the gas is exhausted, about 18-24 hours;

5. Issue a fumigation (disinfection) certificate.

Fourth, wooden packaging fumigation request

1. Wood packaging should not have bark;

2. Fumigation (disinfection) disposed of wooden packaging should be shipped as soon as possible, while paying attention to separate storage, and isolation from other untreated wood products, wood;

3. The fumigation (disinfection) certificate is valid for 21 days.

V. Request for forced fumigation of the country

According to the rules of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, the goods with wood packaging that are exported to the EU, Canada, the United States, Australia, etc., before the shipment, the wooden packaging should be stamped with the special logo of IPPC. Wood packaging must be processed wood, not bark or the like.

Wooden packaging exports to Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries or customers requesting fumigation of goods, forced to request fumigation. Among them, for the export goods of the United States and Canada, there must be a fumigation certificate issued by the commodity inspection.