Wood Product Maintenance Agent Performance And Use Precautions

- Jun 10, 2019-

General wood product maintenance agent performance characteristics: wood product maintenance agent is a concentrated cleaning glazing emulsion that integrates glazing, cleaning and protection. It can be used to add bright color, clean and prevent corrosion to wood products. Wood products maintenance agents are widely used in wood products, high-grade furniture, ceramics, enamel, table cabinets, bakelite, plastic containers and so on.

Third, wood products maintenance agent usage: spray a little wood product maintenance agent on the surface of the item, and then use a dry cloth to polish. You can also pour a little wood care agent on the rag, wipe the surface of the object, and then polish it with a dry cloth;

Fourth, the use of wood products maintenance agent Note: Avoid contact with skin and eyes during use, if inadvertently contact, immediately rinse with plenty of water. Items should be toxic and not to be placed, and should be placed out of reach of children.