Wooden Packaging Box Needs Attention In Transportation

- Jun 10, 2019-

First of all, it has improved the efficiency of loading and unloading. Now the logistics is loaded and unloaded by machinery. Because the weight of the wooden packaging box is small, the loading and unloading tools can effectively utilize the space, thereby shortening the time of the homework and saving labor, thereby improving the transportation efficiency. Because of the characteristics of wooden packaging boxes, it has an irreplaceable role in the modern logistics industry. The wooden packing box foot or wooden packing box foot pier currently used on the market is mainly made of wood, plastic, metal and other materials. For example, containers cannot be quickly converted to various modes of transportation.

The use of wooden packing box footings or wooden packing box foot piers reduces the cost of the equipment, but increases the cost of the wooden box foot or wooden box foot.

Wooden packing box footings or wooden packing boxes are limited in the range of goods to be carried. If the size of the goods is different or the scattered frozen goods are not suitable for use, the wooden packing boxes are transported. The goods are suitable for relatively small packaged goods such as boxing, filling food, and consumer goods in cardboard boxes.

Secondly, the handling is flexible. When the goods need to be changed, the goods can be transferred directly to another place together with the wooden packaging box. And because of the weight and volume of the wooden box foot or the wooden box foot, the load of the cargo transport is relatively reduced. It is conducive to the protection of goods, the goods are placed in the wooden box box foot or the wooden box box foot pier for the overall handling, the goods on the wooden box do not need to be moved, can effectively prevent the damage, loss, etc. .